Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top 5 best WoW streamers...

1. Minpojke 
Why? One of the best druids in the entire world. He also has a fun and interactive stream which is always entertaining to watch (stream). The drama, bashing and fun the stream gives, is huge and can easily lighten up your day.
He also have a very active Facebook page, where he answers curious fans. He has thought many druids in the world how to play, and you can safely go to his armory here, for tips on how to build your gear.
Taken from his Facebook.

2. Vanguards
Why? He is literally the best paladin out there. What also makes him special, is that he very often contribute to the world of warcraft pvp community, by writing guides for retribution paladin pvp on arenajunkies. He is famous for his arena setup, ret dk priest, which is now called vanguards cleave.
He as well got a very good Facebook page, where he interacts with fans. His stream is also very popular, with many viewers every time he streams.
He also writes guides for others classes and pvp in general, especially guides for predicting your opponents in arena. His armory
Taken from his facebook

3. Mandingoz
Why? Have you ever seen him stream? If you haven't, then you've missed out on a lot of fun. He is also a very high rated hunter, which is why the stream is so entertaining to watch. The combination of skilled hunter content and fun is very good. He is one of the streamers that i can watch for hours without getting bored. He sometimes plays other classes, which is not as entertaining as watching him play hunter. He doesn't have that many fans, which is maybe why he haven't got a Facebook page, but I'm sure it will come eventually.
Taken from his stream.

4. Talbadar
Why? He is most likely the best shadow priest in the world. You see him in every arena tournament that comes up, especially blizzcon. He rarely streams, but when he do, its always intense to watch.
The skill level of this guy is over the roof, and his synergy with his teammates is sick as well.
With his several rank1 tittles, I strongly recommend following this guy on twitch, to get the chance to be a part of the fun when he streams.
Taken from his stream

5. Dakkroth
Why? He is one of the best locks in the world (see snutz for best lock in the world), and he often stream here. His high quality and intense gameplay makes the stream worth watching.
He often run different comps, which is good if you're sick of watching the old RMP streams etc.
There is sometimes drama on the stream as well,  including bashing.
He might sound like an angry guy on stream, but he is not.
If you wanna learn how to play warlock good in arena, i recommend going to his stream.
He also has a small facebook page with around 300 likes.
Guy in the middle

If you disagree with this list, feel free to express yourself in the comments.